Hot Clicks: Iliza Shlesinger; The NBA finally settles labor dispute

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Jimmy needed an extra day off to recover from the Erin Andrews Gatorade bath and will be back tomorrow. It was a busy sports weekend but I'll begin with the biggest story of them all: the return of the NBA. Sure, I'll miss the never-ending loop of David Stern, Billy Hunter and players (not named Baron Davis) in suits walking in and out of hotels but I'm more looking forward to Blake Griffin dunking, Ron ArtestMetta World Peace in a uniform that says "World Peace" on the back, and whether Kris Humphries will have a killer instinct after being a national punchline the past six months. It should be fun.

It's Baaaaack

Blake Griffin :: Robert Beck/AP

His ex-girlfriend Bianka Kamper decided to get her 15 minutes of fame by discussing her two-year relationship with Humphries, who she claimed "had no flirting skills whatsoever." Flirting to him, according to Kamber, "was like burping and like blowing it in your face or farting and then throwing the covers over your head."

Speaking of Kris Humphries

Chargers kicker Nick Novak could cure cancer, but will forever be known as the guy caught urinating on the sidelines during the game ... Stevie Johnson mocked Plaxico Burress' self-inflicted gunshot wound, but Burress' response was ever better ... Bears quarterback Caleb Hanieshould've learned the rules before he tried a fake spike with four seconds left in the game ... This guy is really excited about Tim Tebow ... This guy is really crushed about the Colts being 0-11.

NFL News

One advantage to being Jimmy's backup is that it gives me a chance to do a little advanced planning. So when I found out I would be filling in today, my thoughts immediately turned to the Lovely Lady of the Day. And if you're like me and have nothing better to do at 11 p.m. every night, then you probably watch Excused and gawk at the lovely Iliza Shlesinger. I contacted Iliza on Twitter (@Iliza) and asked her to answer a few questions about life as a dating show host. If you could have any athlete call you on the phone and ask you for a date tonight, who would it be?

IS:Chris "Birdman" Anderson. Not for the romance; I'd just like to hear how he beat the odds on contracting Hep C from all his jail tats. What is your all-time favorite dating show (besides Excused, of course)?

IS: It would have to be a toss up between Blind Date and Singled Out. I loved Singled Out because, as a kid, I thought Jenny McCarthy was awesome, so pretty and so outgoing. I always admired her for that. I liked Blind Date because, well, it was Blind Date. It was the first show to really have a sense of humor about the trials and tribulations of dating. What's the craziest thing a contestant has done on the show?

IS: What's the craziest thing a contestant has done on the show? Well, without our legal department reading through this first, I can't go into too many details. We've had everything from emotional outbursts to crying, screaming, throwing things, one guy refused to leave the set and somehow fell UP a set of stairs. We had one girl,throw a drunken fit, and then name-drop, "I'M TOM HANKS' NIECE!" so as you can imagine we were all super impressed ... The best thing done was the most inadvertent: We had a girl fall into a lake on her date. That was the second week of taping so, she set the bar pretty high for bloopers. Are you single?

IS: Depends on if I'm out tasting wedding cake. If I am, then I say I'm with someone. They really frown on fatties trying out samples just for fun. You've won Last Comic Standing. You've done countless standup gigs. You host a dating show. Where does being the "Hot Clicks Lovely Lady of the Day" rank among these achievements?

IS: I'll think it's cool for a few days, then I'll lose interest. Kind of how America feels when curling comes on in the Winter Olympics. "Oh this is so fun and different ... Is there anything else on?" Thanks for having me guys :)

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Iliza Shlesinger

One player excited about the end of the lockout is Antoine Walker, who is throwing a "That S--t Crazy" party in Chicago on Thursday.

Then There's Antoine Walker

CBS NFL analyst Dan Marino particularly enjoyed the Lily Aldridge's appearance on CBS' pregame show yesterday ... You know poor sportsmanship is involved when one middle school defeats another by a score of 100-2 ... Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonnis getting divorced ... Former CFL players Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca, both 73, got into a fight at the league's alumni luncheon.

Random Links

Caroline Wozniacki and Dominika Cibulkova had themselves a dance party during a break in the action at the 2011 Tennis Classic in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Tennis Dancing Video Of The Day

Bengals receiver Jerome Simpson takes flopping to a whole new level.

NFL Flop Of The Day

The Harlem Globetrotters and Dude Perfect put on a show.

Trick Shot Video Of The Day