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Hot Clicks: Elizabeth Masucci; Bobby Valentine invented the wrap sandwich

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Bobby Valentine has been named manager of the Boston Red Sox. OK, now that we got that out of the way, let's get to to the important stuff. According to Valentine, he invented the wrap sandwich in 1980. Personally, I want Larry Davidto investigate this matter.

Bobby V's Wrap

Bobby Valentine :: AP

Yes, college football is awesome and the games are a blast to watch. I would never deny that. However, when the "postseason" system is a complete joke, it taints the sport. And giving AP ballots to certain people also taints the sport. Case in point: ESPN analyst Craig James. Despite broadcasting games each and every week, James put Boise State -- (the 10-1 Broncos) -- at No. 24 on his ballot this week.

Reason No. 5,219 Why NCAA Football Has No Credibility

Deadspin posted this item yesterday about an, um, interesting painting of Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards and a woman named LaStarya Thompson. I went to Edwards' Twitter page to find the exact relationship between the two, but all I could find were several tweets in which Edwards referred to Thompson as his "queen." Then I decided to check his images page. I didn't come across any pictures of the two together. However, if any ladies are reading this, and you're into a jacked, tatted dude with two nipple rings who often poses in his underwear, you'll have a field day with Edwards' images page.

He's Certainly Not Shy just reposted this photoshoot they did with actress Elizabeth Masucci, and it's worth checking out.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Elizabeth Masucci :: Newscom

Gabriel Trujillo, the Spanish-language announcer for the Arizona Cardinals, is back with another gem. This is his call of linebacker Sam Acho's sack of Sam Bradford last Sunday.

Call Of The Day

Since the only guys who could actually date a Victoria's Secret model are athletes, actors or musicians (check this for proof), I figured we should check in to see how athletes reacted via Twitter to last night's big fashion show. ... Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murraywas overwhelmed and then started imagining things. ... Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartlinetried to win some points with his signficant other. ... A's pitcher Brett Andersonwent for a reality check. ... Maple Leafs forward Tyler Bozakfocused on the outfits (sort of), which was appreciated by yours truly.

The Day After The Big Event

But did he maintain control as he hit the ground? (Thanks to Mike Sullivan, of Middletown, N.J., and Bob DuFrane, of Fairfax Va,. for the video.)

Frisbee Catch Video Of The Day

Full disclosure: I heard this on the Howard Stern Show this morning. Fortunately, the video was on YouTube. During the NBC Nighly News with Brian Williams last night, a fire alarm went on. And stayed on. For the whole newscast.

Live TV Video Of The Day