Hot Clicks: Lisalla Montengro; NFL Week 15 roundup

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Sure, the whole Rex Ryan-foot fetish thing is old news. But these two Philly fans (who made their presence known during the Eagles' blowout of the Jets yesterday) deserve credit for their creativity.

Fans Of The Day


The highlight of the day was Rams offensive lineman Harvey Dahlunleashing an f-bomb on a referee that not only got picked up on television, but throughout the entire stadium. That of course, caused CBS commentators Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf to act as if Dahl murdered a small village of women and children. ... Saints wide receiver Lance Moore had the touchdown dance of the day. ... The Panthers executed the touchdown of the day. ... Halftime entertainment at the Patriots-Broncos game was a monkey riding a dog. ... Last, but not least, NBC's Al Michaels gave a nice shout-out to the gamblers last night.

NFL Roundup

Golfer John Dalyrecently performedKnockin' On Heaven's Door while at a tournament in Thailand -- and he was pretty damn good.

Who Knew?

I'm not sure why Brazilian model Lisalla Montenegro isn't a household name, but Hot Clicks will do everything in its power to chance that, which means we're featuring her again today.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Lisalla Montenegro :: KRISTIN CALLAHAN/Newscom has released its list of the top 16 athletes tweets of 2011.

Tweet, Tweet

Clearly, this was to blame for the Broncos loss yesterday. The night before the Patriots did a number on the Broncos, Tebow got theSaturday Night Live treatment.

Tebow Of The Day

A golf cart got loose during a Texas 5A Division II high school championship football game at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday afternoon, creating a very scary scene. Hot Clicks reader Chris Due, of Lubbock, Texas, was working at the game, and sent this e-mail. "I was one of the victims injured in the runaway cart at Cowboys Stadium following the Texas 5A Division I championship game. I was working the event and getting coach Willie Amendola (The father of Rams wide receiver DannyAmendola), whose team just won their first state title, in position for the awards ceremony. Meanwhile, a Cowboys Stadium crew member tossed a pylon into his cart and it fell into the floorboard. It got caught on the accelerator, causing a runaway cart. The cart struck both of us but then went on to strike a pair of journalists, severely injuring them. I was taken to the hospital and fortunately suffered just a very bruised hip. I was seen in the video getting up and I thought I was alright but then the swelling soon came. I am just very happy that the cart hit myself and not the kids."

Sports Video Of The Day

No musical act had its songs parodied more in 2011 than LMFAO. Party Rock Anthem and Sexy and I Know It were everywhere. So it only makes sense that someone came up with I'm Santa and I Know It. (Thanks to Hayden Evans, of Toronto, for the video.)

Music Video Of The Day