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Kentucky claws its way to top spot, as 'Cuse drops in Power Rankings

Kentucky takes over No. 1, and all the clichés that come with it: having a target on your back, getting everybody's best game, being the hunted, blah blah blah. I like to imagine the Wildcats being hunted by Scout Troopers on Segways, and amazingly, it looks like folks mocking up the new Rupp Arena Concourse imagined exactly the same thing.

NCAA Basketball Power Rankings

The Next 16: 17. Florida State,18. Florida,19. St. Mary's,20. Virginia,21. Wichita State,22. Vanderbilt,23. Marquette,24. Cincinnati,25. Wisconsin,26. St. Louis,27. Indiana,28. West Virginia,29. UConn,30. New Mexico,31. Memphis,32. Cal

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