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Hot Clicks: Candice Swanepoel; Jona Rechnitz wins $50,000 on Super Bowl

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In yesterday's A.M. Hot Clicks, I told you about a guy who bet $1,000 (and won $50,000) that the first score of Super Bowl XLVI would be a safety. We now have some information about him. His name is Jona Rechnitz. It was his only bet of the night. He's giving the money to charity.

The Real Super Bowl Winner

Jona Rechnitz :: TMZ

In yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks, we linked to photos of the Patriots tight end dancing at a postgame party. We now have video of Rob Gronkowski "dancing" like a madman with a lot of guys following the Super Bowl defeat.


It's an embarrassing day to be a Bronx Bombers fan. For some reason, my team has decided to sell Yankees cologne and perfume. Despite this sad turn of events, however, the Mets still remain the most pathetic franchise in New York. The team has banned a writer from covering the team because he's written unflattering things about the perennial losers.

Fuel For The Yankees Haters

Somehow, model Candice Swanepoel manages to outdo herself with every new photoshoot that she does.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Candice Swanepoel :: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno was pulled over last week on suspicion of DUI while driving his Bentley. In the "you can't make this up" department, the license plate on said Bentley says "Sauced."

Very Personalized Plates

Watch Wizards center JaVale McGeeget back on defense during last night's game -- while the Wizards had the ball on offense.

Blunder Of The Day

The late night host asked his viewers to unplug their TV's during the Super Bowl and film the reaction of people in the room. This is the hilarious result.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day