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Hot Clicks: Lisalla Montenegro; Kendrick Perkins rips LeBron James

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On the day after his team lost a Super Bowl, Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco said on Twitter that he doesn't party or drink. A follower then asked how the receiver could be rich and famous and not party. He responded: "Easy, pornhub and video game consoles are used in doors." Another follower then wanted to know what Pornhub was. Ochocinco explained, "A very interesting site, I get most of my creative ideas from there to keep HER guessing what's next." Ironically enough, on Tuesday afternoon, I received an e-mail from Pornhub (please don't ask me how I got on their distribution list), which wanted to share some interesting Super Bowl facts. Since I'm here to report, I thought Hot Clicks Nation would find these stats useful. From Pornhub's e-mail: "Not all is lost for New Englanders though, while [Tom] Brady and crew might have left Indy empty-handed, their fans did win this year's 'Porn Bowl' according to PornHub, the premier online destination for adult entertainment. According to the statisticians from PornHub, right after the heartbreaking New England loss, Massachusetts natives flocked to the site, with a 22% spike at 11PM (EST) and a 33% spike at 12AM (EST), while New York went only up 16% and 32%, respectively; taking home the coveted title in the process." Now, unless I'm reading the numbers wrong, the bottom line is that New Yorkers celebrated for an hour after winning the Super Bowl before watching porn, while New Englanders and Ochocinco went right for the porn.

Super Bowl Stats You Won't Get Anywhere Else

Chad Johnson; Evelyn Lozada :: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

With the controversy surrounding Tom Brady's wife still going strong (classy of Giants running back Brandon Jacobsto tell a woman to "be cute and shut up"), Clutch Blog looks at five other instances of a sports spouse defending her man.


John Krogstrand is the athletic director at a high school in Columbus, Neb. Based on this story, he should be ashamed of himself. Krogstrand complained to officials during a girls' basketball game on Monday because Columbus High's opponents, Burke High, wore pink uniforms as part of a fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. At halftime, Krogstrand made his coach ask officials if Burke got permission to wear pink instead of home whites. Apparently, Burke did not, so officials hit the team with a technical foul. Pathetic behavior by all involved.

Worst Person Of The Day

Brazilian model Lisalla Montenegrowas recently featured in Hot Clicks, but after she tweeted out the link to this new photoshoot yesterday, I had no choice to give her a return appearance. I also need to thank her for tweeting out that link.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Lisalla Montenegro :: Getty Images

Thunder center Kendrick Perkins was not happy that LeBron James weighed in on Blake Griffinposterizing Perkins last week. So Perkins ripped LeBron to shreds yesterday.

Let's Play The Feud thinks females aren't capable of grasping the concept of fantasy baseball, so they're offering a new game for the ladies: Baseball Boyfriend. The most offensive part of this whole thing is that CBS is charging you $2.99 to play.

How Does This Get Greenlit?

The late night host sent correspondent Billy Eichner to the big game to talk about one thing and one thing only: Madonna. Trust me, the result are hilarious, especially in the second half of the video.

Conan O'Brien Video Of The Day

Via, here's what a bar scene would look like if men behaved like women and women behaved like men. (Warning: Video contains a couple of bad words.)

Gender Reversal Video Of The Day