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Hot Clicks: Jaime Edmondson dating Evan Longoria

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Full disclosure: I'm far from a Sneakerphile, so I don't get the madness that ensues when a new pair of kicks is released. I'm totally ignorant on the subject. However, I do now that these new Nike Foamposite Galaxy sneakers are causing people to lose their minds. First, there were near-riots in Orlando last night at a Foot Locker that was scheduled to release the sneaker. Then, someone with big goals put a pair of the sneakers on eBay for $70,000, and another person using craigslist offered to trade his car for the shoes. Meanwhile, Yankees pitcher Phil Hughescasually Tweeted the picture above Friday afternoon with the message, "@CC_Sabathia pumped about his new kicks like a little kid #sick." We wonder if CC will throw them on eBay for $70,000?

Apparently These Are Special Sneakers

Nike Foamposite Galaxy sneakers :: @PhilHughes65

Pitcher Brett Anderson is entering his fourth season with the A's. That's meaningless to new teammate Manny Ramirez, who had an interesting encounter with Anderson at spring training today.

Manny Being Manny

With the NBA at the All-Star break, has compiled the funniest photos from the first half and the funniest videos from the first half.

First Half Memories

A million of you (approximately) have written in to ask why I haven't mentioned the "big" news that Hot Clicks favoriteJaime Edmondson is dating Rays third baseman Evan Longoria. Here's the full story. I knew they were dating a few months ago, but Edmondson would only confirm that off the record to me and asked that I not "break" the news in Hot Clicks. When Edmondson posted a picture of them together on Twitter last week, I asked her again if she would confirm things on the record, so I could write about it in Hot Clicks, but she didn't want to. However, a couple of days later, Longoria gave confirmation to a reporter at spring training and now you guys are flooding my inbox. I e-mailed Edmondson to get her take and this is what she had to say.

"I can't believe how crazy this has been. It was on the news in Port Charlotte [where the Rays have spring training] and on the front page of the sports page. I'm mostly amused at how everyone is acting like this is breaking news. It's old news to us considering we met a while ago. It's not like it was a secret. Other than you, no one else had asked us about it until now. I remember sitting next to him in the car when he was taping your podcast (which reminds me, you still haven't invited me to be a guest on your podcast!) and you sending me a message asking if you can write something about us in Hot Clicks. I guess people were bound to catch on eventually, but I do appreciate you keeping it between us for as long as you did! By the way, maybe you can hook me up and make me the LLOD, for old times sake!"

Not only is Edmondson today's Lovely Lady of the Day, but she will be on the Hot Clicks Podcast next week, so stay tuned for that.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Jaime Edmondson :: Josh Ryan Photos

Cardinals outfielder Lance Berkmanis sporting an interesting spring training persona.

Lance's Look

If you'd like to get your face on SI's annual "Where's Waldo" cover that comes out the week of the NCAA tournament, go to the magazine's Facebook page and submit a photo. Four fans will be chose to appear on the March 19 cover.

Want To Be On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated?

Sacha Baron Cohen wanted to show up to this Sunday's Academy Awards in his Dictator costume. It just so happens The Dictator comes out in May, so this would be a perfect way for Cohen to get publicity for the movie. However, the Academy said Cohen would be banned from the event if he showed up in costume. Not one to miss out on capitalizing on such things, Cohen released this video today.

Sacha Baron Cohen Video Of The Day

Some of you know Andrew Perloff from the Dan Patrick Show. Before that gig, Perloff was's NFL producer and worked with Peter King, Dr. Z, Don Banks and others. During that time, Perloff and I sat directly across from each other and became friends. That's why I have to post the video below. Friends have to embarrass each other. It's the law.

Embarrassing A Co-Worker Video Of The Day