Hot Clicks: Genevieve Morton; NHL Stanley Cup playoff prop bets

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With the Stanley Cup playoffs beginning tonight, the NHL unveiled a 21-foot replica of the trophy in New York City's Times Square this afternoon. The structure also doubles as a water fountain for any brave soul who'd like to take a drink from it. In typical New York fashion, however, the replica Cup, which was visited by tons of kids today, sits right in front of a huge billboard for a bra company. As for the postseason, has released some interesting prop bets.

How many games will the Stanley Cup winning team play in the 2012 NHL playoffs?
Over/Under: 23.5

How many games will go to overtime in the 2012 NHL playoffs?
Over /Under: 17.5

How Many first-round series will be decided in seven games in the 2012 NHL playoffs?
Over/Under: 2.5

How many 5-through-8 seeds will advance past the first round in the 2012 NHL playoffs?
Over/Under: 3.5

How many points will be scored by the point-scoring leader in the 2012 NHL playoffs?
Over/Under: 29.5

How many goals will be scored by the goal-scoring leader in the 2012 NHL playoffs?
Over/Under: 13.5

Chase For The Cup Commences

Stanley Cup :: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If you watch anything about the Bobby Petrino scandal, I implore you to make it the latest piece of work from

This Sums It Up

Football fans got shafted last summer when the lockout made it impossible for HBO to produce Hard Knocks, so we're all anxiously awaiting this season's edition. This report states that HBO wanted Peyton Manning and the Broncos, but Denver passed. The network currently has its sights set on the 49ers and Ravens.

Important Update

Brian Anton, of Tremont, Ill., says, "Suggestion for Lovely Lady of the Day if you can figure out who it is: The girl in the new Gavin DeGrawvideo, Sweeter. I have looked for her name and cannot find it." Brian, you came to the right place. Here name is Genevieve Morton and she happens to be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. She also sent me a tweet over the weekend about Five Guys, so that automatically gets her LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Genevieve Morton :: Derek Kettela/SI

The Baltimore Orioles have had a rough few years. And it shows all over the face of infielder Robert Andino.

TV Graphic Of The Day

Not all was good for Bubba Watson after winning the Masters on Sunday. The golfer had to change his phone number after ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike show called him 40 times to appear as a guest.


In honor of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the NHL put together this cool video about the Western Conference...

Sports Video Of The Day

And this one is about the Eastern Conference.

Sports Video Of The Day, No. 2

Here's an excellent news report about the Jeremy Guthrie story that Hot Clicks has covered the past couple of days.

Inspirational Video Of The Day

Here are a bunch of movie clips put together to come up with Journey's Don't Stop Believin'.

Mashup Video Of The Day