Hot Clicks: Rhian Sugden; Jeremy Guthrie uses Twitter to find throwing partner

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From last night's Red Sox-Blue Jays game...

1. Run on the field and start taking your clothes off.

2. Approach one of the players with some dumb saying painted on your chest.

3. Get your ass tackled while a cop laughs and Red Sox third baseman Kevin Youkilis watches in amusement.

And here's the video, which shows a pretty weak effort by Toronto security.

The Three Stages Of Streaking

Brad White/Getty Images

In yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks, I told you about Rockies pitcher Jeremy Guthrie using Twitter to find someone to have a catch with him. The story would be cool enough if it ended there. However, it gets even better. The fan who took Guthrie up on the offer was Woody Roseland, who, according to his website, is "a highly motivated individual who passionately pursues a variety of ventures. He is a speaker, five-time cancer survivor, standup comedian, podcaster, student and Denver's best looking amputee." Here, via Woody's Twitter feed, is a photo of Woody having his catch with Guthrie. And here is Guthrie on what the experience was like for him.

Feel Good Follow-Up Item

Soccer player Felipe Baloy, who plays for Santos Laguna of the Mexican League, was kind enough to recently take a picture with a young fan. Baloy was so excited to get the shot snapped that he didn't even bother to cover up the Playboy magazine he was holding.

I'm Sure He Had It For The Articles

Here's a new photoshoot from English model Rhian Sugden.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Rhian Sugden :: Barrie Harwood/Starstock/Photoshot/Newscom

Panthers wide receiver Steve Smithsigned a three-year, $18-million extension yesterday. He promptly showed up at the press conference to announce the deal in an awesome Gremlins T-shirt.

Money Isn't Changing Him

While Grizzlies forward Rudy Gay was getting ready to inbound the ball last night, Vince Carter of the Mavericks burped in his face.

This Is One Way To Play Defense

Navy's spring football practice turned into a dancefest, complete with the Electric Slide.

Sports Video Of The Day

Via The Big Lead comes this video of a news station doing live coverage of a breaking story. The breaking story? A bear was on the loose. Fortunately, there was a payoff as a man unexpectedly ran into said bear.

Live TV Video Of The Day