Hot Clicks: Brooklyn Decker; Carmelo Anthony tribute song

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I've always wanted to use this picture in Hot Clicks and today that dream has been realized. Not only does Lionel Richiehave the No. 1 album in the country, but his classic songHello has been transformed into this immensely creativeCarmelo Anthony tribute, Melo Is it 3 You're Looking For?

Hello Melo

Lionel Richie

Near the end of the Sixers' 103-87 win over the Cavaliers last night, Philadelphia forward Andre Iguodalaslyly pulled a chair away from guard Lou Williams who fell on his buttocks.

Sometimes The Best Pranks Are The Simplest Pranks

A fan in the front row of last night's Knicks-Nets game was plunked in the head by an errant pass because he was busy texting, which made for an amusing video. On a side note, I need to offer this memo to the ESPN anchor voicing the clip: It's bad enough you used that dumb, played-out man card line. But, how, exactly, is texting a violation from being a man? If you go to any sporting event in the world, regardless of their seat, men are there texting.

Look Out!

SI Swimsuit model, and one of the stars of Battleship (in theaters May 18), Brooklyn Decker, just did this phootshoot for GQ.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Brooklyn Decker :: GQ

The Dolphins have signed a 24-year-old accountant (who hasn't played football since high school) to compete for a roster spot as a tight end.

Gotta Root For This Guy

Sixers CEO Adam Arontook to Twitter yesterday to solicit roster advice. Don't let the fancy "CEO" title throw you off, though. Just like many people on Twitter, he uses poor grammar, CAPS LOCK and weird ellipses.

At Least He's Interactive

Kevin O'Connell, of Brooklyn, says, "I've been trying to get on Hot Clicks for a couple years, and since I'm the only Mariners or Indians fan in the world, I think this is my best shot." While this is a solid clip of a diving ballgirl, truth be told, it was Kevin's video title of "Jimmy Is Gunna Love This," that got this included in today's Hot Clicks.

Sports Video Of The Day

Jennifer Love Hewitt was a guest on Kimmel's show last night, and almost the entire interview was about her breasts. I recommend watching Part I here and then the clip below. If you're pressed for time, just watching the clip below will suffice.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day

A Flyers fan was so depressed by his team's 10-3 loss to the Penguins last night that he decided to take on a mechanical bull. (Thanks to Fran, of Philly, for the video.)

Mechanical Bull Video Of The Day