Hot Clicks: Kelly Brook; Erving Walker pays $301 for stealing taco

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Florida point guard Erving Walker was arrested a couple of weeks ago for allegedly stealing a taco. The senior settled the case today when he agreed to pay $301 for the incident. Hopefully, that taco he took was the most delicious taco he's ever had. (Thanks to @emesola for the link.)

Don't Steal Tacos!


In today's A.M. Hot Clicks, we brought you an excellent tribute song to Carmelo Anthony set to Lionel Richie's Hello. In this addition, we bring you the self-portrait 'Melo has hanging in his living room. (If you don't get the headline, this explains it.)

It's Not A Centaur, But...

Memphis coach Josh Pastner Tweeted a recruit's name Tuesday, which is an NCAA violation. Pastner said he did it by accident because he had gotten flustered when his wife was yelling at him.

Well, He Was Already In The Doghouse...

English model and actress Kelly Brook, who's been in Hot Clicks a few times, just started a Tumblr page that's worth checking out. For this, she's getting today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Kelly Brook :: Nick Harvey/WireImage

During last Sunday's Mariners game at Safeco Field, one of the TV monitors near a concession area was showing Borat. Of course, someone snapped a pic during the scene in which Borat rolls around naked with his producer, Azamat, so be warned that this link has the NSFW photo. Speaking of ballparks getting risque, the Marlins are really pulling out all the stops to attract fans.

Wa wa wee wa!

Jose Canseco isn't just stirring stuff up on Twitter. He's moved on to eBay, where he's selling the hat he wore when a fly ball hit him on the head and went over the fence for a home run.

Would You Really Buy Something From This Guy?

Here's video of a guy trying to eat a Burger King hamburger with 1,050 pieces on bacon on it.

Ridiculous Eating Video Of The Day

A water cooler made out of ice makes perfect sense. (Thanks to Mike Perdue, of Toledo, Ohio, for the video.)

Cool Product Video Of The Day

I can't really describe this video, but I'll try. It's basically six minutes of weird things, like a baseball bat hitting an egg, shooting a bullet through a soda can, putting a bottle of red wine in a microwave. It's oddly mesmerizing. (Thanks to Joe T., of St. Louis, for the video.)

Cool Product Video Of The Day 2