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Hot Clicks: Brittanie Weaver; NBA hipster fashion

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As the NHL playoffs near a conclusion, Clutch Blog is evaluating the best and worst homemade Stanley Cups.

Artists At Work

Canadiens fan :: Andre Ringuette/NHLI via Getty Images)

Thanks to the big red glasses and odd shirt that Thunder guard Russell Westbrookwore during the postgame press conference last night, looks at the 16 most outrageous outfits of the NBA's hipster fashion craze.

Hipster Hoopsters

This Bulls fan pays tribute to Michael Jordan AND Dennis Rodman.

Tattoo Of The Day

Model and actress Brittanie Weaver gets today's LLOD honors.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Brittanie Weaver :: Reckless Rebel Bikinis

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SI Recommends

This father and son took in this afternoon's White Sox-Tigers game, but had different rooting interests.

I Hope He Doesn't Get Punished

Nate CasaGrande, of Washington, says, "Jimmy, two things. I was sitting on the couch with my fiancee last night flipping between the O's vs. Yanks game and MLB.TV. Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro had a great relay nailing Cardinals infielder David Freese at home. If you can find the home plate view, Cubs fan/dad with kid in one arm stands and starts pumping the out along with home plate ump! Secondly, my fiancee was showing me a tank she wanted to buy, but I couldn't stop looking at the lovely lady under the tank top! Her name is Samya, a 35-year-old mommy of two who dabbles in boxing and does yoga. If you click through her product line, I think you'll agree she's a strong LLOD candidate!" There is so much going on with this e-mail that I had to print it, and find the video Nate mentioned.

E-Mail Of The Day

Check out these kids who re-made the Sabotage video.

Beastie Boys Tribute Video Of The Day

As someone who grew up in the '80s and loves all things '80s, this is downright tragic. (Thanks to Guyism for the video.)

Wheel Of Fortune Video Of The Day

Wheel of Fortune FAIL - Click here for the most popular videos