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Hot Clicks: Kate Upton; Celtics upset Heat; LaMarr Woodley pranked


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We'll get to the Celtics upset over the Heat last night in a second, but first we have to acknowledge the ensemble worn by Knicks forward Amar'e Stoudemire (shown above with his new fiance) at the game. The last time Stoudemire was in Miami, he punched the glass casing around a fire extinguisher. Last night, he went with the fedora/sunglasses/denim jack with sleeves cutoff/Jewish star on rosary beads look. Clearly, he should stay away from South Beach.

That's Amar'e

Amar'e Stoudemire :: AP

Thanks to a clutch 3-pointer by Paul Pierce in the final minute, Boston took a 3-2 series lead against Miami. One young Heat fan, however, wasn't down and out about his team's loss. Or maybe he was. It's hard to tell if this energetic chap was being sarcastic or genuine when he kept yelling "Good job, good effort" at Heat players as they walked off the court, but it makes for an amusing video.

As For Celtics-Heat...

For at least the fourth time during the playoffs, an L.A. TV station has made a mistake while covering the Kings.

Yup, It's Happened Again

Marc Richea, of Calgary, Alberta, says, "I think it has been far too long since you have featured anything by Kate Upton. Do a Canadian fan a huge favour (note the 'u' in favour) and show some Kate!" At first, I scoffed at Marc's e-mail because I feel like I feature Upton all the time. However, a quick check of the Hot Clicks archives shows that she hasn't made an appearance here since May 1. Obviously, this needs to be rectified, so here's some new Kate Upton for you.

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Kate Upton :: Ray Tamarra/FilmMagic

Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley is getting married soon, so that means a bachelor party was in order. Woodley's crew decided to use the bash as a way to play a series of pranks on him. I'm not sure I can describe what took place, and quite frankly, I'm not even sure I can link to this video, but I can assure you that it's pretty damn funny (and possibly NSFW).

Now This Is Quite The Prank

Tuesday's P.M. Hot Clicks featured video of the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders singing Call Me Maybe. A sampling of the e-mail that came in afterward looked like this. Ty Shelton, of San Diego, said, "Jimmy, Call Me Maybe is the new Friday song! Keep the vids rolling." John St. John, of Portland, said, "WTF? Call Me Maybe enough yet? Simply an ear toxic song that makes me seriously question whether someone else would be better suited to this Hot Clicks gig." Obviously, this calls for a poll.

Very Important Poll

Conan O'Brien took on the wacky outfits worn by NBA players to postgame press conferences during the playoffs.

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Thanks to for sending over this blunder from last night's show.

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