Hot Clicks: Malin Akerman; Jim Rome, David Stern heated radio interview

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We're going to hear a lot about what the Kings are doing with the Stanley Cup over the coming weeks. While I'm sure there will be plenty of funny/dirty/gross stories, there won't be one cuter than this one about Kings captain Dustin Brown's kids drinking chocolate milk and blowing bubbles out of the Cup.

You Have To Love This

Dustin Brown ::

The big story in the sports blogosphere today is that NBA commissioner David Stern appeared on Jim Rome's radio show and didn't appreciate being asked if the draft lottery was fixed. In fact, when Rome asked, "Was the fix in for the lottery," Stern scolded the host and retorted with, "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?" Rome has no history of beating his wife, so it seems surreal that someone in Stern's position would use this analogy. It also seems surreal that Rome would expect the commissioner of a professional league to go on the radio and admit something was fixed. But that's sports-talk radio for you.

Let's Play The Feud

Men's Journal recently surveyed 100 baseball players on a variety of topics. Among the findings: White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski was voted the most hated player in the league, Chicago has the best groupies, and Orlando Hudson is the biggest trash talker.

Survey Says...

Actress Malin Akerman is one of the many stars in Rock of Ages, which opens Friday. She wore the dress above to the premiere last weekend, so clearly she deserves today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Malin Akerman ::

It's a slow news day. Therefore, I'm including this item on the Eagles announcing a partnership today with Angry Birds, even though I have no idea what the hell it means.


I have an Erin Andrews item to share, but it has nothing to do with her recent appearance on TMZ that all of you keep e-mailing me about, and that Brooklyn Deckerweighed in on last night. Here's video of E.A. dancing with Vanilla Ice.

Heeeeere's Erin

Not only does this clip have your typical 8-8-5 triple play, but you have to love the way the third baseman runs to the mound to return the ball. (Thanks to Marcus Armstrong, of San Diego, for the video.)

Sports Video Of The Day

You'll want to go to Utah and do this after you watch the video below. (Thanks to Kevin, of Logan, Utah, for the video.)

Slip 'n Slide Video Of The Day

Mike H., of Baltimore, says, "Dude, I just watched the new music video for Matchbox 20's song, She's So Mean. I couldn't stop thinking that the chick in the video is your girl, Minka Kelly! Tell me it's not. Twenty bucks says it's her and I'm the first to figure it out!" I'm torn here. While I appreciate the fact that Mike refers to Minka as "my girl," I'm also insulted and offended that he could possibly think the female in this video (while definitely attractive) is Minka Kelly. I want my $20.

Music Video Of The Day