Hot Clicks: Sophie Monk; LeBron James clutch free throws lead Miami Heat

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I can't imagine what the reaction would've been like had Miami blown a 17-point lead last night, but LeBron James sank two huge free-throws with 7.1 seconds remaining to seal the Heat's 100-96 Game 2 win. (Of course, Miami was helped by a no-foul call on Kevin Durant, but bad refereeing is part of the NBA.) Not only was the game a thriller, it also brought us a classic missed high-five by Chris Bosh, more outstanding fashion from Thunder guard Russell Westbrook and Dwyane Wadeasking a reporter if he could have his tie.

Today, LeBron Is Clutch

LeBron James :: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Kings goalie Jonathan Quick spiced things up at the team's Stanley Cup rally yesterday by saying the f-word THREE times on live TV. The interruption by the anchor to apologize for Quick's potty mouth is truly priceless. Meanwhile, the Kings, according to their Twitter feed, got a kick out of Quick's colorful language.

Hat Trick

Curb Your Enthusiasm's Jeff Garlin sang Take Me Out To The Ballgame at Wrigley Field yesterday. He decided to ad-lib at the end, telling Tigers fans they suck. Garlin also joined the Cubs' broadcasters during the game and expressed his wish that outfielder Alfonso Soriano get traded. On a side note, I saw Garlin do stand-up last summer. If you have a chance to see him, RUN to get tickets. He does a hell of a show, with the majority of it being him riffing on and with the audience.

Couldn't Curb His Enthusiasm

Actress Sophie Monk just did this very sporty photoshoot.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Sophie Monk :: Don Arnold/WireImage

Diamondbacks announcer Mark Grace casually said that outfielder Jason Kubel would homer during an at-bat yesterday. Immediately following Grace's words, Kubel homered.


Bryce Harper uttered five words earlier this week -- "That's A Clown Question, Bro" -- and the phrase went viral. Now we have a mega-mix.

The Phrase Of The Week

I think I would've posted this video had the woman in it eaten just one bacon sundae from Burger King. But she attempted to eat five.

Bacon Sundae Video Of The Day

The late-night host brings us "The Evolution of Dad Dancing" in honor of Father's Day.

Jimmy Fallon Video Of The Day