Hot Clicks: NBA Draft highlights; Catrinel Menghia

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Full disclosure: I did not watch one second of the NBA Draft last night, but it was clear from searching around the sports blogosphere this morning that ESPN's Jay Bilas was a winner, the network's Andy Katz was a loser, Hornets fans LOVED getting Anthony Davis as the No. 1 overall pick (as shown in the photo above) and Florida State center Bernard James stole the show. Bilas actually acknowledged the various drinking games that people came up with for the Draft based on his love of saying "wingspan," and told viewers to "tip it back." As for Katz, he fell victim to the dreaded "bulging disc." Meanwhile James, who did tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Air Force, got a standing ovation and generated a big "U-S-A" chant when he got drafted by the Cavaliers.

Draft Doings

Hornets fans :: Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images

Diamondbacks play-by-play announcer Daron Suttonhas been suspended by the team because he wants to wear a suit while calling the games. Besides the overall ridiculousness of this story, it's also worth nothing that the Diamondbacks (and not Fox Sports Arizona) are the ones suspending Sutton. You'd think a baseball team would have more to worry about than what a broadcaster -- who gets a couple of minutes of camera time each game -- is wearing.

Stupid Suspension Of The Day

When you think of Orioles manger Buck Showalter, you don't normally think of a guy who's a barrel of laughs. However, this video in which he pranks Orioles relief pitcher Darren O'Day will change your mind. Get Buck an Oscar!

Holy Crap, Buck Showalter Is FUNNY! has just posted this new photo gallery of Romanian model Catrinal Menghia (aka, the Fiat girl).

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Catrinal Menghia :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

A boxing promoter has offeredChris Brown and Drake $1 million each to settle their differences in the ring. No word on if Rihanna would be the referee.

The One PPV Fight Worth Buying

Gotta love a kid using his popcorn bucket to beat out an adult for a fly ball.

Sports Video Of The Day

Here is the latest installment of This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day