Hot Clicks: C.J. Wilson dating model Lisalla Montenegro

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Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson has long been a friend of Hot Clicks. Clearly, he pays attention to the Lovely Lady of the Day feature because he is currently dating model Lisalla Montenegro, who has been a staple in this column here, here and here. Wilson had Montenegro join him for the All-Star Game red carpet event (as seen above) and gave Hot Clicks this official comment on this major news. "Damn you, Jimmy, for digging this up. She's a great influence on me and we have a lot of stuff in common. We keep to ourselves. And the only thing I have to say about this picture is that it was very windy that day and my hair was too dry." And all I have to say is that I'd be giving a big thumbs up sign, too, if I were dating Lisalla.

Major WAG News

Lisalla Montenegro, C.J. Wilson :: Jill Toyoshiba/Kansas City Star/MCT via Getty Images

With Vikings running back Adrian Peterson getting ensnared in what seems like a very shady "case" at a Houston establishment earlier this week, is looking back at other incidents of athletes getting in trouble at nightclubs.

Nightclub Nightmares

A Michigan woman kept a man's dead body around for 18 months so they could watch NASCAR together.

I Guess She Just Wanted Some Company

Latvian model Julia Lescova, who stars in the newest Me In My Place feature, gets today's LLOD honors.

Lovely Of The Day

Julia Lescova::

Drug tests are not the friend of Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams. Williams onced drop a clear bottle from his waist right before taking a drug test, and another time, there were no human hormones found in his urine.

I Guess He Cheated

I really didn't want to write anything about Penn State because I don't feel that Hot Clicks is the place for that story. A bunch of kids had their lives destroyed and several people could stopped it and they didn't. There is nothing funny or offbeat about that. However, Falcons wide receiver Roddy White left me no choice. Today, he showed why some athletes should say away from Twitter.

Roddy's Ridiculous Rant

Last weekend it was players from the Twins and Rangers who got scared by thunder. Today, it's this reporter.

Live TV Video Of The Day

This video, sent by Stephen of Dundas, Minn., is from 2008, but since we're in the middle of summer and enjoying watermelon, it seems appropriate. This is what happens when you put more than 500 rubber bands around the delicious, delectable fruit.

Exploding Watermelon Video Of The Day

WARNING: This is Call Me Maybe. However, it features cheerleaders from England's Crystal Palace Football Club.

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