Hot Clicks: Ryan Lochte talks one-night stands, dating; Lisalla Montenegro - Sports Illustrated

Hot Clicks: Ryan Lochte talks one-night stands, dating; Lisalla Montenegro

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Is your mom your wingman? One-night stands? How many condoms do Olympians use? Those are the topics covered in this interview with U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte.

"Yeah, They Want Us To Use Protection, And I Guess That's A Good Thing"

Ryan Lochte :: Clive Rose/Getty Images

If you're a member of the media, you're required to bow down at the altar of Bob Costas, However, Dan Hicken, who is the sports director at NBC's Jacksonville, Fla., affiliate, did just the opposite last night, when he went on a passionate rant about Costas' refusal to go off the air on time during the Olympics.

I Really Hope This Guy Doesn't Get Fired

This short video shows you what it looks like for the T-shirt when it's shot out of a canon at a sporting event.

I Don't Know Why This Is Cool, But It Is

Hot Clicks favorite Lisalla Montenegro is back with a new photoshoot, and it might be her best work yet.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Lisalla Montenegro :: Jerritt Clark/WireImage

Illinois football player Graham Pocic autographed a baby yesterday. Yes, a baby.

Photo Of The Day

Comedian Frank Caliendo will not be part of Fox's NFL pregame show this season.

End Of An Era

The second episode of Jerry Seinfeld's web series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee went live last night. It co-stars Ricky Gervais. I guarantee that you will laugh if you watch this. It is a 100 percent lock guarantee.

Jerry Seinfeld Video Of The Day

This four-year-old was struggling with his takeaways, specifically 16-8, so he called 911. (Thanks to Tyler, of New York, for the video.)

911 Video Of The Day