Hot Clicks: Michael Phelps dating model Megan Rossee

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Now that his work in London is done, Michael Phelps has gone public with his girlfriend, Los Angeles modelMegan Rossee. The pair have reportedly been dating for five months. (If the previous link is down, you can click here.)

22 Medals + 1 WAG

Megan Rossee, Michael Phelps :: Tim Whitby/Getty Images for Speedo

During last night's Rockies-Dodgers game, Colorado manager Jim Tracy disputed a call with the umpires. Tracy lost the argument and got ejected for his actions. Luckily for us, Vin Scullycalled all this action, and even translated Tracy's words via some tremendous lip reading. If Fox does not let this guy call a few innings during the postseason, it will be a damn shame.

"That Is Blinkin' Fertilizer"

Irish comedian Francis Higgins took the riveting Olympic sport of sailing and added some hilarious NSFW commentary to it with the result being this masterpiece. (Thanks to Rosario, of Moonachie N.J., and Doug, of Spartanburg, S.C., for the link.)

NBC Needs To Hire This Guy

UFC ring girl Brittany Palmer has just shoot her 2013 calendar. Here is a sneak peek.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Brittany Palmer :: David Becker/WireImage

If you're one of Paul Bissonnette's 300,000 Twitter followers or if you've become of a fan of his thanks to his various appearances in Hot Clicks, you'll want to check out this new series which is chronicling BizNasty's offseason.

If Anyone Deserved A Reality Show, It's This Guy

Who would've thought you couldn't trust the lyrics of Adam Sandler's classic Hanukkah Song, but, apparently, you can't. All these years, we've just assumed Hall of Famer Rod Carew was Jewish. Remember? He converted. Anyway, Carew has just dropped the bombshell that he never converted!

You'll Never Listen To This Song The Same Way

Some schmuck went on Twitter before the season and declared the Astros would win more than 63 games. Well, they currently sit at 36-74. Since May 25, they are 14-51 and have four wins since June 28. This is how they lost last night.

Sports Video Of The Day

I'm sure many of you think needing a beer is very important. However, this is NOT a legit reason to call 911.

911 Video Of The Day

WSMV Channel 4