Hot Clicks: Cubs offer chance to throw first pitch on Groupon; Phoebe Tonkin

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We are less than two weeks away from the first day of the college football season. Before games get under way, you'll want to familiarize yourself with coaches who have celebrity lookalikes, a la Virginia coach Mike London and singer Cee Lo Green.

To Help You Prepare For College Football...

Mike London, Cee Lo Green :: Getty Images

When Tom Brady does a photoshoot, he puts his all into it. (Remember this gem with the goat?) Here is the Patriots quarterback wearing a dog collar and getting bitten by a dog.

He's Not Camera Shy

The Cubs are offering fans a chance to throw out the first pitch at an upcoming game, via Groupon.

Anyone In Chicago Have $30,000 Handy?

Eric, of Los Angeles, said, "Now that you've featuredIndiana Evans, you need to feature her castmate, Phoebe Tonkin, from H20-Just Add Water. Super hot Aussie!" A few things here. Just for the record, it was Andy Gray who featured Evans on a day I was off. Also, H20-Just Add Water is an Australian TV show. Lastly, Phoebe Tonkin has some sort of Minka Kelly thing going on, so, obviously, that makes her a layup for LLOD honors.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Phoebe Tonkin :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

WWE's Summerslam takes place this Sunday. Here's a look at the 50 greatest Summerslam matches of all time. ... Here's a compilation of the funniest closed captions in sports TV history. ... Here is's weekly Did You See That photo gallery.

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Ryan, of Westfield, Ind.,, says he was inspired by Hot Clicks to start his own blog. It's all about pizza. You can check it out at Meanwhile, Jesse Pace, of Westfield, Ind., shares this blog dedicated to all things Taco Bell.

Food For Thought

This is simply a ballerina walking a tight rope between two moving trucks. (Thanks to Steven Branscombe, of Omaha, Neb., for the video.)

Crazy Stunt Video Of The Day

Paul C., of San Diego, sends along this amusing video and story of a guy who set up a Craigslist sting to find the jerk who stole his bike. (Warning: There is tons of cursing in this video.)

Thief Gets Busted Video Of The Day

Verno, of Philadelphia, says, "Jimmy, no rhyme or reason other than, A) it's Friday, and B) it's my birthday, but this is amazing. WHHAATTT?" It's a summer Friday and Summerslam is this weekend, so I see no reason to deny Verno's request that I post one of the great moments in WWE history.

Classic WWE Video Of The Day