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Hot Clicks: Alex Rodriguez voted phoniest player in baseball

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Earlier this season, Sports Illustrated asked 228 Major Leaguers the following question: Who is the most overrated player in baseball? Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez finished in first place. This week, Sports Illustrated has the result of a players' poll on the phoniest player in MLB. Once again, Alex Rodriguez came out on top. At least A-Rod's girlfriend, former WWE diva Torrie Wilson, likes him.

Players Don't Seem To Like This Guy

Torrie Wilson, Alex Rodriguez : Alo Ceballos/FilmMagic

Here is U.S. Olympic track star Nick Symmonds trying to break the record for the Beer Mile. By beer mile, we mean drink a beer, run a quarter of a mile, drink another beer, run another quarter of a mile and so on. And, yes, there is a world record for this "event."

THIS Should Be An Olympic Event

MeetJohn Taylor (aka "House"). He's just your average 6-foot-11, 500-pound football player. (Thanks to Jason, of Harrisburg, Pa,, for the link.)

House Is In The House

Martin, of Odenton, Md., is still pumped up by the U.S. men's soccer team winning in Mexico last week. He e-mailed to ask that I make Ana Patricia Gonzalez, a Mexican beauty queen, today's LLOD honors. Consider it done.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Ana Patricia Gonzalez :: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

You'll want to see the amazing feat that the Jets backup quarterback pulled off in practice.

Tim Tebow Update

This has been on a lot of websites this week and many of you have sent it in. It's a six minute compilation of sports' greatest moments.

Sports Video Of The Day

For my fellow New Yorkers -- or anyone who likes to listen to a radio host go completely nuts -- here is WFAN's Mike Francesa bludgeoning the Mets, who were swept at home by the Rockies.

Epic Radio Rant Video Of The Day

Good ol' local news strikes again. (Thanks to The Big Lead for the video.)

Inappropriate Product Video Of The Day