Twitter Grid: Athlete Edition

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The Twitter Power Grid

We asked a a group of athletes about their habits and experience on Twitter. Here's how they responded.

The Cast

How often do you check Twitter?

  • FOSTERTwo or three times a day.

  • MORGANBetween five and 10 times a day.

  • PHILLIPSAll the time.

  • DUDLEYHourly basis. It's like CNN on steroids.

  • MANGOLDFour to five times a day.

  • KIMTen times a day. Minimum.

  • FRANCISEvery 10 or 15 minutes.

Who introduced you to Twitter?

  • FOSTERMy business manager, Humble Lukanga.

  • MORGANI honestly don't remember but I think it was one of my college friends.

  • PHILLIPSMy sister and Chad [Ochocinco] Johnson.

  • DUDLEYJason Richardson. Shaq is the one who made me think about it and J-Rich is the one who was like, "Yeah, this is what it's about."

  • MANGOLDMy marketing guy, Russ Spielman.

  • KIM(LPGA player) Morgan Pressel.

  • FRANCISI was introduced to Twitter in 2009 by my friend, Dee Redd.

Three people you follow in your sport?

Three people you wouldn't think I follow?

Wish this person were on Twitter?

  • FOSTERMy pops.

  • MORGANMy best friend Kayla Cook, who recently moved to Japan.

  • PHILLIPSOutKast.

  • DUDLEYKobe Bryant.

  • MANGOLDRex Ryan.

  • KIMMatt Kuchar. Because every tweet would come with a smile.

  • FRANCISI wish Jay-Z and Barack Obama actually wrote their own tweets.

Athlete from history I wish were on Twitter?

  • FOSTERMuhammad Ali.

  • MORGAN It's not from history but I wish Kobe Bryant was on Twitter.

  • PHILLIPSJackie Robinson.

  • DUDLEYDennis Rodman.

  • MANGOLDMuhammad Ali.

  • KIMMuhammad Ali.

  • FRANCISMuhammad Ali.

Last Twitter feud?

  • FOSTERAlmost everyday.

  • MORGANI've never been in a Twitter feud.

  • PHILLIPSWith my brother, P.J. He plays in the minor leagues with the Reds.

  • DUDLEYLast month. It probably happens every other month.

  • MANGOLDThe Ryan Kessler photobombing incident.

  • KIMFive minutes ago. And five minutes from now.

  • FRANCISGot into it with some Georgia Tech players last year after posting a picture of Maryland QB C.J. Brown breaking a long run against the Yellow Jackets.

Person I became friends with through Twitter?

  • FOSTERA winner of one of my Twitter contests who I treated to a Texans game and dinner.

  • MORGANRobert Griffin III.

  • PHILLIPSAndrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods.

  • DUDLEYLarry Fitzgerald.

  • MANGOLDEric Grego, creator of the Mangold Maniacs.

  • KIMAll the guys in the band Shinedown.

  • FRANCISFormer Maryland basketball star Greivis Vasquez.

Describe your Twitter followers?

  • FOSTEREclectic.

  • MORGANSoccer fans and lots of teenage boys.

  • PHILLIPSThey're very motivated. They inspire me. Some followers have got a lot of hatred in their heart. They're very energetic. Very supportive. And they're loving, the girls.

  • DUDLEYFriendly, educated people.

  • MANGOLDPassionate.

  • KIMCollectively they represent every facet of my personality. Some are funny, some are grouchy, some feel fat, some are happy, some are sad. They're an amazing entity.

  • FRANCISFifty percent are crazed Maryland fans, ten percent are people I know and 40 percent I have no idea.