November 11, 2012

ATHENS, Greece (AP) -- Raymond Kimutai Bett led a Kenyan sweep of the top six places at the Athens Classic Marathon. Consalater Chemtai Yadaa of Kenya won the women's race

Bett, who also captured this race in 2010, finished in 2 hours, 11 minutes, 35 seconds. He was followed by Paul Kibet Kosgei in 2:12:20 and Alex Sumko Kirui in 2:12:26.

Bett's time was the best at this race but 40 seconds behind the course record of 2:10:55 by Italy's Stefano Baldini at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Chemtai Yadaa finished in 2:40, beating Ukraine's Svitlana Stanko by seven seconds. Kenya's Viola Chelangat Kimeno was third, a further 21 seconds behind.

More than 26,000 runners took part. The course covers the route said to have been taken by a messenger to announce the Athenians' victory over a Persian army near the village of Marathon in 490 B.C.

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