Hot Clicks: Jimmy Clausen "Catholics vs. Cousins" t-shirt controversy

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Wrapping Up The Weekend

Knowshown Moreno :: AP

the top 20 sports GIFs

shows us what would look like

Foul-Mouthed Quarterbacks On Facebook

their weekly, expletive-filled chat

Ridiculous Twitter Controversy Of The Day

Jimmy Clausen

tweeting out a photo of a "Catholics vs. Cousins" shirt

who later apologized

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Sabine Jemeljanova

Sabine Jemeljanova

today's LLOD honors

converting to Latvian Orthodox for her

Random Links

Roddy White

is not a fan of

Jeff Green

Brian Urlacher

went after Bears fans today

threw punches at each other

Update Of The Day

The Hot Clicks NFL Pick 'Em Pool

courtesy of Toshiba

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