February 13, 2013
Slovenian teenager Jaka Hvala jumped 142.5 meters and 133 meters for the win.

KLINGENTHAL, Germany (AP) -- Slovenia teenager Jaka Hvala mastered unstable wind conditions and had the longest jump of the day to win a World Cup ski jumping event Wednesday.

Hvala led after soaring 142.5 meters in the first series and then confirmed his first World Cup victory with a jump of 133 meters.

Taku Takeuchi of Japan was second, ahead of World Cup leader Gregor Schlierenzauer of Austria. Takeuchi trailed Schlierenzauer after a first-heat effort of 133.5 meters. The Austrian jumped 136 meters.

Schlierenzauer also had a longer jump in the second series, 132 meters, but the Japanese got better marks for his effort of 130.5 meters.

The 19-year-old Hvala collected a winning total of 259.5 points. Takeuchi had 254.6 points and Schlierenzauer 253.1.

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