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Michael Jordan is turning 50, so SI is commemorating the legend with his 50th SI cover. SI presents all 50 MJ covers, 50 reasons we will never forget the Chicago legend, and the 50-point dunk in the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest that sealed his legend.

Ben Golliver and Rob Mahoney: 50 reasons we'll never forget Michael Jordan

Tim Crothers: Michael Jordan's legacy began with one single, fateful shot

Luke Winn: Analyzing Jordan's college years

Gallery: SI's 100 greatest Jordan photos

Gallery: Air Jordans through the years

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It's Kate's World: GO everywhere with Kate Upton and the 2013 Swimsuit Issue. SI's free mobile Swimsuit app is available on smartphones and tablets. It includes 26 pictures and four videos from Swimsuit 2013. And if you upgrade to become a premium subscriber at SI.com/mobile, you get every shot in this year's issue plus videos and Swim IQ, our exclusive guess-the-model game.

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SI.com now has a daily destination for all things Swimsuit. Go to swimdaily.com for all the latest tweets, Instagram photos from exotic locales, and Q-and-A videos with your favorite SI models. Take a look at the models' best Valentines' Day advice or get an all-access look at Swimsuit Launch Week: Day 1 among a litany of other content in SI's brand new blog.

NHL Big Board

Seth Jones, son of former NBA journeyman Popeye, is the top prospect on Allan Muir's 2013 Midseason Draft Rankings. Be sure to frequent Muir's daily blog Home Ice to read up on all the latest goings on in the NHL and throughout the hockey world.

One Year Out: Sochi

In less than a year, the Winter Olympics will open in the subtropical resort of Sochi. Every venue was built from scratch. Will it all work? Will there be snow? Russian president Vladimir Putin guarantees it ? and he is used to getting his way. Alexander Wolff, Tim Layden, Nick Zaccardi and others look at what to expect with only one year before the torch is lit.

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Alexander Wolff: One year out, Sochi gears up for groundbreaking Olympics

Brian Cazeneuve: Chan, Kim could rule figure skating at Sochi Olympics

Tim Layden: Will Lindsey Vonn recover in time? Will Ligety be a threat

Nick Zaccardi: U.S. will chase the Germans in sliding events in Sochi

Austin Murphy: Shaun White will lead the party at Olympic Extreme Park