May 07, 2013

About This Week's Covers

Two playoff teams, two stars, two drastically different circumstances: Sidney Crosby is still only 25 years old (!?!) and has returned from a fractured jaw to anchor the Penguins in the playoffs. The Eastern Conference's top team would probably do just fine without him, but Crosby is simply, well, amazing according to Michael Rosenberg.

Steph Curry, on the other hand, he's 25 too (a few months younger to be fair), but it's unclear if the NBA has seen a shooter this pure since Reggie Miller -- or ever. Anchoring the underdog Golden State Warriors, Curry has the rare scoring abilities to elevate a team that wasn't even supposed to get out of the first round. Chris Ballard writes that if you give Curry an inch, Golden State might take the mile.

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