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Where do you want to play him? On the block? At the point? Behind the arc? On the wing? Lebron James has already established himself as probably the most gifted physical specimen in the NBA today (and maybe NBA history), and he merely continues to showcase his dominance. Mark Jackson says Lebron is "like Magic if Magic had the ability to score 30 every night," Bill Walton says that he could be the best center in the game if he was positioned there every night. The point? There's no stopping Lebron. And he can't really be contained either.

Lebron's quest for a repeat

Lebron may be the most versatile player in the game now -- Bill Walton says maybe ever -- but will the Spurs have the manpower to stop the superstar? Are the Spurs actually the team to beat? Be sure to check in daily at SI.com/nba and at The Point Forward for complete coverage of the Eastern Conference Finals and how the Spurs are equipped to handle either the Heat or the Pacers.

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Shock and Awe

The Indians continue to stun the baseball world under Terry Francona, and the Yankees are still winning ballgames even if most of their star players remain on the disabled list. Check back on Friday to see whether or not the Indians remain in the top 10 of the Power Rankings and if the Dodgers and Angels continue to sit near the bottom.

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Mud, Sweat and Beers

Be sure to visit the photo gallery of Endurance Nation, a new fad sweeping through the United States, and one that SI's Austin Murphy participated in firsthand.

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