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Daily Jolt: Ryan Braun used PEDs since college?

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Thursday, August 22

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Braun used PEDs since college?

In addition to his baseball problems, Ryan Braun has some legal problems on the horizon, too. [Braun] is being sued by former friend Ralph Sasson for defamation. ... Now Sasson may be using some of his personal knowledge against Braun. ... In the request for admissions that Sasson has sent to Braun, which is filed with the court and thus publicly available, Sasson makes a number of interesting charges. Among the accusations Sasson is trying to get Braun to admit to are that Braun has used PEDs since college, that he "violated NCAA rules of amateurism by accepting substantial cash and check payments," that he's engaged in "academic misconduct" and even that he lied to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to preserve their business agreement. (FOX Sports)Comment

Shaq sees an NBA team in Vegas (sort of)

Now an analyst, Shaquille O'Neal came down on both sides of whether the NBA should set up shop in Las Vegas. We asked if he thought our town could in reality support an NBA franchise. His answer: "I would say yes and no. From the NBA business side, you don't want to support gambling on sports. That's what most people are afraid of. It happens in Vegas because it's legal in Vegas, but we don't want people doing that so much. The other thing on the NBA side is this is such a touristy town. All the Vegas people don't live on the Strip; they live out. So once you have three or four marquee names who can support an arena, who can get people to not want to gamble, not do day parties, not go here and go to the game I think would be beneficial to any owner who owns a team. (Las Vegas Sun)Comment

Gonzalez still seething over 'ridiculous' hit

Thanks to rookie safety D.J. Swearinger's hit, tight end Dustin Keller's season is over, and Tony Gonzalez is siding with his fellow position player. [Gonzalez] says there is no place for the career-threatening hit. ... And Gonzalez said he is further incensed with the notion that recent rules changes -- outlawing hits to the head area -- have forced defenders to target the knees when tackling. When asked about the controversial play, Gonzalez didn't hold back. "That was ridiculous on his part. It should be a fineable offense. That's just not part of football -- hitting a defenseless player in his knee, that's something we all dread as players. That's my nightmare," Gonzalez told USA TODAY Sports. "Hit me in my head (instead). Any player who does that, I don't like it at all." (USA TODAY Sports)Comment

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Rangers teammates mob Elvis Andrus after his sacrifice fly helped Adam Rosales win the team's matchup against the Astros. (Ron T. Ennis/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/MCT via Getty Images)

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In case you missed it, watch Ichiro Suzuki notches his 4000th hit at Yankee Stadium.

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