By Grant Wahl
February 27, 2014
The iconic Maracana Stadium is getting a $500 million makeover ... while within an eyeshot, some 1.4 million Brazilians live in squalor, in slums like the Mangueira favela.
Lalo de Almeida/SI

But if you raise the strong gavel of justice,
You will see that a son of yours does not flee from battle,
Nor does he who loves you fear his own death.

"Even though we were far away," said protester Alan Fragoso, "the smell of tear gas reached inside the Marcana."
Lalo de Almeida/SI

In other words, there are two Brazils. As the freighted month of June approaches again, how those two interact will be as compelling as anything that takes place on a soccer field.

"I am in the streets every day resisting the expulsion of the residents of our favela," said advocate Vitor Lira, who lives in Santa Marta.
Lalo de Almeida/SI

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