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Report: Kansas City stadiums violated health code with food

Kauffman and Arrowhead Stadiums in Kansas City committed dozens of critical health code violations, according to a report from ESPN's Outside the Lines.

Kauffman and Arrowhead Stadiums in Kansas City committed more than 30 critical health code violations, according to a report from ESPN's Outside the Lines.

Jon Costa, the food safety manager at the stadiums where the Royals and Chiefs play, described an incident at Game 7 of this year's World Series in which expired pizza dough was served to customers.

He also detailed some of the other red flags he has discovered at the facilities.

Among the concerns found at the stadiums by the manager: cockroaches in vending areas, mouse feces on the same tray as pizza dough, sinks where employees were supposed to wash their hands being blocked by boxes or trash, employees eating in food prep areas and trays of food headed for customers that measured at unsafe temperatures. The health department found several critical violations, including mold growth in ice machines, dirty pans and trays and excessive numbers of fruit flies.

"When we lose control over hygienic practices and we also combine that with poor temperature control -- that could be a catastrophe," said Jon Costa, the district food safety manager for Aramark, which runs the concessions at both venues and has food and beverage contracts with 30 professional sports teams. "That is a recipe for foodborne illness. ... It's very likely temperatures are abused every game. Every game."

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Costa told OTL that he was placed on paid administrative leave by Aramark after sending information about those issues to media last week. 

An Aramark official told the outlet that Costa's pictures and detailed concerns are "just allegations at this point."​

The Royals issued a statement to ESPN saying they take "food service, safety and quality very seriously."​ In a separate statement, the Chiefs said "The food and beverage service and selections delivered by Aramark are important parts of the Arrowhead experience."

- Chris Johnson