's 10 most popular stories from the week ending Sept. 11

Here is a roundup of's 10 most popular stories this week. Be sure to read to the bottom for a bonus story from the SI Vault.
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Here is a roundup of's 10 most popular stories this week. Be sure to read to the bottom for a bonus story from the SI Vault.

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The Art of Avoiding INTs


A need to avoid turnovers has been drilled into Aaron Rodgers dating back to a quarterback competition in eighth grade. Now, a lack of turnover among the Packers’ coaching staff has helped build him into football’s most efficient quarterback​By Peter King.

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My education as a head coach


In the last eight months, former Ohio State offensive coordinator and first-year head coach Tom Herman has received an education on the life of a head coach. He was hired as Houston's head coach in December, and since, has attempted to build the Cougars into “a mini–Ohio State.”By Tom Herman.

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108-year-old fan makes history


Evelyn Jones is the 108-year-old who threw out the first pitch at the Seattle Mariners game. Hers is a story about baseball. And a story about hope. By Greg Bishop.

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How Iceland qualified for Euro 2016


Iceland stunned many by qualifying for Euro 2016. But perhaps it shouldn't have been such a big surprise. By Liviu Bird.

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Suspicions of Patriots regime persist​


In the last decade, at least 19 NFL franchises took precautions against the Patriots that they didn't take against any other opponent. In the wake of Deflategate, New England's opponents are still suspicious. By Greg Bishop, Michael Rosenberg and Thayer Evans.

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The Trojan Horse


Cody Kessler became the most stable part of a turbulent USC program a couple years ago. Now, the quarterback has created a legacy of his own with the Trojans. By Lee Jenkins.

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U.S. Open delays bring heartbreak


Viewers always remember the classic 1991 fourth-round match between Jimmy Connors and Aaron Krickstein shown during US Open rain delays. But what's it like for the Krickstein family? Less enjoyable.By Stanley Kay.

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The shrinking Commish​


Time-consuming, costly litigation distracting from the on-field product is hardly what the owners bargained for when they made Goodell the NFL conduct copBy S.L. Price.

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The Incredible Journey of Seth Curry​


After an incredible journey, Stephen Curry's little brother has finally made it to the NBABy Lee Jenkins.

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Beautiful Mind​, Bone-Crushing Hits


In the mold of Lawrence Taylor, the Texans’ J.J. Watt is redefining how defense is played in the NFL. And he’s doing it all by himself​. By Jenny Vrentas.

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SI Vault: 9/11 and Mike Piazza


Like so many other New York City firefighters who died on Sept. 11, Mike Carroll was a dedicated athlete and loyal teammate whose indomitable spirit led him to embrace his final heroic mission. His young son would find comfort in the company of Mike Piazza. By Michael Bamberger.