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SI Media Podcast: Featuring guest Paul Heyman of the WWE

In this episode of the SI Media Podcast, Richard Deitsch interviews WWE performer and sports entertainment impresario Paul Heyman, who also is co-owner of the Looking4Larry Agency in New York City.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to episode No. 22 of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch. In this podcast, which is published weekly, Deitsch interviews members of the sports media about their work, and interesting people about the sports media.

This week’s guest is the WWE performer and sports entertainment impresario Paul Heyman, who also is co-owner of the Looking4Larry Agency in New York City. 

In the episode, which lasts 93 minutes, Heyman discusses why the position of WWE broadcaster is currently under-appreciated, the importance of the WWE getting mainstream media attention, how he creates his master promos and why much of what he says in the ring is ad-libbed, as opposed to scripted. He also talks about whether the private lives of wrestlers should be reported on by the press, the future of Hulk Hogan in the WWE, how he views the MMA quest of CM Punk, why he wants to interview Henry Kissinger, the best talkers in the history of wrestling,​ his favorite heels outside of wrestling, whether there is any tension left between he and Vince McMahon, his most dangerous ringside situation, why he's fascinated by Jesus and Vishnu and much more.

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