CBS’s Jim Nantz on his goal to broadcast the 100th Masters in 2036

CBS Sports broadcaster Jim Nantz on his plans to broadcast the 100th Masters in 2036.
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CBS Sports broadcaster Jim Nantz has big plans for the back nine of his career.

During an extended interview with Sports Illustrated running on Sunday, Nantz said his broadcasting goal is to work 50 Masters tournaments. He has been part of his network’s coverage of that golf major since 1986.

“Knowing that the Masters always ends on the second Sunday in April every year, I looked it up: My 50th Masters would be April 8, 2035,” said Nantz, 56. “So I thought that would be the day I would retire.”

But Nantz said his goal changed after an after-dinner conversation with one of his mentors: the famed sports broadcaster Jack Whitaker. Whitaker informed Nantz that he had to work 51 Masters tournaments because the 2036 Masters would be the 100th playing of the event.

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“So Jack Whitaker if you will gave me a new goal, redefined what I want the back end of my career to look like,” Nantz said. “I know it sounds a little crazy. Here we are in 2016 talking like this. But there are great, iconic voices working in their 70s, churning out quality work. This is all subject to be reexamined but I really want to make it to 2036 health willing and CBS willing. I’d really like to do that for Jack Whitaker.

"I would be 76 years old, but there are broadcasters working at that age and even older. I love what I do. Every show is it’s own challenge and I love it. It will be a hard thing to let go of but that is one thing I would love to be able to achieve one day.”