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Watch: Beer Mile World Record Holder Runs 4:24.4 Beer Mile, Breaks Record By 9 Seconds But DQ'ed

Corey Bellemore reportedly clocked a sub-four minute mile without the beers.

Beer Mile world record holder Corey Bellemore ran a 4:24.4 beer mile in the 2018 Beer Mile World Classic, which beat his previous world record of 4:33.6 by nine seconds. Bellemore's record-setting mark was erased by officials when he disqualified for leaving 4.5 ounces of beer behind in his bottles. 

For those unfamiliar with a beer mile, runners must drink a beer for every lap on a 400-meter track for a mile. The beer must be 5.0 or higher in alcohol concentration and chugged from a 12 ounce can or bottle that has not been altered. Four beers consumed for four laps. No vomiting is permitted. Unconsumed beer left in a runner's bottles must be less than four ounces, according to official beer mile rules.

Due to the disqualification of Bellemore and several other top-10 finishers for rule violations, Dale Clutterbuck of Great Britain took home the title with a 4:50.7 time, according to official results. He was the only runner to finish under five minutes without any violations. It marked England's first world championship win.

The race results note that Bellemore may have clocked a sub-four minute mile without the beers. It should come as no surprise since Bellemore is a professional runner for Adidas and holds a personal best of 3:57.42, which he set in July.

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Watch the entire race below: 

Bellemore's 2017 4:33 time still stands as the world record, which is remarkable given the progression for the event. Just four years ago, the world was celebrating the first sub-five minute beer mile and now we're knocking on the door of a sub-4:20 possibly.

For anyone wondering: Flying Monkeys are Bellemore's beer-mile beverage of choice.