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Watch: 102-Year-Old Woman Becomes Oldest Person Ever to Skydive

Irene O'Shea went skydiving for the third time to celebrate turning 102, making history as the oldest person to ever jump.

102-year-old Irene O'Shea made history as the oldest person ever to skydive, jumping from 14,000 feet in South Australia.

She celebrated her 100th birthday by skydiving for the first time and has jumped every year since, according to BuzzFeed News. With her 2018 jump, O'Shea wanted to raise awareness and money for Motor Neurone Disease. Her daughter died from Motor Neurone Disease at 67 years old.

O'Shea and her instructor reached speeds of 130 mph before deploying their parachutes.

“Possibly I will jump next year and if I live long enough I’ll jump at 105,” she said after the leap.

She clearly isn't letting age slow her down!