Scout's Take

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In the wake of the Lakers' acquisition of Pau Gasol,'s Paul Forrester spoke to an NBA scout about how the one-time All-Star big man will fit with Kobe Bryant and Co.

"The Lakers are a good place for him because as a standalone franchise player, he's probably not good enough to win at a high level," the scout said. "To be able to go to a team where he doesn't shoulder the primary responsibility and he can post up and play different areas of the floor, that will probably be a good fit for Gasol. He can play in the low post, he can play in the high post and he can shoot it from mid-range, so he'll fit into the triangle offense just fine.

"While he certainly hasn't proved to be durable the last few years, the problem in Memphis was the team's change in offensive philosophy. He doesn't seem to fit the all-out running game and early offense that they've got. He's a mobile big, but he's probably better playing in the half court.

"In Memphis, they may have wanted early post-ups from a guy like Gasol; in Los Angeles, the early offense is Kobe going the length of the floor. And when Kobe is going free-throw line to free-throw line, one's ability to score in transition doesn't matter as much.

"Lakers bigs in the past have been good at following Kobe to the rim and cleaning up behind him. So it will be on Gasol as to how motivated he is to contribute the offensive rebounds and easy put-backs that bigs can contribute when they are not as involved.

"Bottom line, it's going to be up to Gasol how well he's willing to assimilate to the Lakers rather than how the Lakers assimilate to him.

"It makes the Lakers better on paper, but you can argue that there are five or six teams equipped to win the West, so it will have to play out in the matchups during the playoffs."