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Still no NBA agreement as negotiations head into deadline day

The two sides will meet again Monday afternoon, the day that commissioner David Stern set as a deadline to reach a deal before the league cancels the first two weeks of the regular season.

Sunday's hastily arranged meeting -- which included union president Derek Fisher, vice president Maurice Evans, executive director Billy Hunter and attorney Ron Klempner for the NBPA, and Stern, deputy commissioner Adam Silver, Spurs owner Peter Holt and Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor representing the NBA -- came following a breakdown on Friday, when the NBA informed the union that it would not meet unless players conceded to a 50-50 split of basketball-related income (BRI). The players have refused to go below 52.4 percent.

According to a source briefed on the Sunday's talks, there was no discussion of the BRI split. The entire meeting, the source said, was spent discussing issues with the NBA's system, a list that includes the salary cap system, the luxury tax and the length of contracts.

Stern had no comment after the meeting, while Fisher spoke briefly.

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"We had another intense meeting," Fisher said. "We're going to come back at it tomorrow afternoon and continue to try and put the time in and see if we can get closer to getting a deal done."

Fisher added that the Monday's scheduled players meeting in Los Angeles would be postponed.

"We feel like our guys would want our time used to meet and get closer to getting a deal done," he said. "Instead of going forward with that meeting we're going to put it off. We'll reschedule it accordingly depending on what happens tomorrow [in New York] and into the week if we continue to meet.

"For now, there is not anything new to report. We're not necessarily closer than we were going into tonight but we'll be back at it tomorrow and we'll keep putting time in."