Carlos Boozer celebrates basket with below-the-belt shot to referee

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By Ben Golliver

Bulls forward Carlos Boozer celebrated a basket during the second quarter of 100-98 loss to the Mavericks on Saturday with a Tiger Woods-esque fist pump, only to inadvertently follow through toward the groin area of referee Danny Crawford.

One can only imagine the fine and suspension that would have accompanied this below-the-belt shot had Crawford been injured, but thankfully he sold the contact by doubling over before walking calmly to the scorer's table, while chuckling, to assess the foul on Dirk Nowitzki.

This was really a nightmare scenario unfolding in real time. Bounding backward along the baseline after he used a drop-step move to free himself for a layup, Boozer eyed the ball rolling on the rim and couldn't control his excitement when the and-one hoop gave Chicago a 47-45 lead. Unfortunately, Crawford was in position on the baseline just a step or two behind him, signaling the foul call and not paying attention to Boozer's celebration. The two men briefly checked in with each other -- no damage done -- and play continued. Poor Crawford will have flashbacks for years.

Check out the reactions from all the concerned fans at the American Airlines Center.

Carlos Boozer doubles over referee Danny Crawford with a celebration.

Carlos Boozer doubles over referee Danny Crawford with a celebration.

Video via YouTube user BeyondTheBuzzer | Hat tip: @BeyondTheBuzzer