Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan make identical plays in video sequel

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As it turns out, a single two-and-a-half-minute video wasn't sufficient to capture all of the athletic similarities between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Last December, we posted a highlight reel created by YouTube user Youssef Hannoun in which the six-time champion with the Bulls and the five-time champion with the Lakers alternate plays in identical fashion. Jordan goes up-and-under; Bryant goes up-and-under. Jordan tears off in transition; Bryant tears off in transition. Jordan hits the baseline leaner; Bryant hits the baseline leaner. You get the picture.

Hannoun is back at it, with a second reel of identical plays featuring Jordan and Bryant (see above). The sequel is just as riveting as the original, capturing finger wags, showboating dribbles, "slam on the breaks" drives, double clutches, fast-break dunks, stop-and-pop mid-range jumpers, shoulder shimmies and more. The precise footwork and body control really stand out, as both players put on a faking clinic throughout. Phil Jackson, Steve Kerr and others provide audio commentary as the video rolls.

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The original "identical plays" video is below in case you want to enjoy an encore showing.

Hat tip: DimeMag.com