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Celtics unveil green, sleeved St. Patrick's Day jerseys by Adidas

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The Celtics have unveiled green, short-sleeved jerseys for St. Patrick's Day. (Celtics Store)

(Celtics Store)

The Celtics have unveiled a new green and gold, short-sleeved Adidas jersey that will be worn in conjunction with St. Patrick's Day.

These are pretty simple designs as far as the sleeved jerseys go. The front is a solid green, with gold trim around the neck, and the word "Celtics" and the player's number appear in large, gold block lettering across the chest. On the back, the player's jersey number appears in gold while his last name and the team's shamrock logo, which is centered near the neck, appear in white.

The jerseys are paired with green shorts that have an angular gold design on the sides. The shamrock makes another appearance within the gold design.

Here's a look at the new uniform design from all angles -- as worn by guard Jerryd Bayless - courtesy of a Celtics promotional video.

Jerryd Bayless models the Celtics' new sleeved jersey design. (Celtics on YouTube)

(Celtics on YouTube)

The jerseys are an homage to the original Celtics, who wore sleeved jerseys during their inaugural 1946-47 season. Here's a team photo via CelticsLife.com.

The original Celtics wore sleeved jerseys during the 1946-47 season. (CelticsLife.com)


It's no great surprise that the Celtics are taking this opportunity to simultaneously test-drive the sleeved jersey concept while cashing in on the marketability of the St. Patrick's Day tie-in, as they have in previous years. Boston will wear the jerseys at three games: Mar. 14 vs. the Suns, Mar. 16 vs. the Pelicans and Mar. 17 (St. Patrick's Day) at the Mavericks.

These jerseys continue Adidas's trend towards the short-sleeve style. Adidas unveiled its first sleeved jersey, 

a yellow Warriors look

, in February 2013. A 

white sleeved Warriors jersey

, an 

orange sleeved Suns jersey

, and a 

light blue sleeved Clippers jersey

 followed. The apparel manufacturer then designed sleeved jerseys for 

all 10 teams that played on Christmas Day

 and used 

sleeved designs during the 2014 All-Star Game in New Orleans

wearing sleeved jerseys for the league's annual "Latin Nights"