By Jon Wertheim
April 09, 2014
Don Schupak (center) helped Daniel Silna (far right) and his brother Ozzie (not pictured) strike the deal.
Courtesy of Arthur Hundhausen

Schupak countered with a masterstroke: He inserted an intentionally broad definition of broadcast revenues, a clause that could one day make the contract applicable to distribution channels unimaginable in 1976. "I was blunt during these discussions," Schupak wrote in a 2012 legal declaration. "Rather than narrow the definition of TV revenues, I insisted instead that we add a new sentence [to] emphasize that this was a broad definition that could not be evaded or made obsolete."

The Silnas signed a deal in '76 that entitled them to a cut of the NBA's broadcast revenues in perpetuity.
Damian Dovargane/AP

Time travel was beyond the Silnas. But give them credit for glimpsing the future, envisioning the virtually limitless revenue that would come from sports media.

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