By Lee Jenkins
June 04, 2014
Spurs reserve Boris Diaw (left) has made plays from everywhere -- even while seated -- in the playoffs.
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The current main backups -- Ginóbili, Mills, Diaw, guard Marco Belinelli and center Aron Baynes -- were all born outside the U.S., and true to their international roots, they move the ball more than they pound it. "I think this might be their best team," Brown says, "because it's their best-passing team." Second units often play a completely different style from the first. "The Spurs aren't like that," Barry says. "The system doesn't change at all. Diaw executes the same plays that Duncan does. Mills executes the same plays that Parker does." Besides Belinelli, everyone in the rotation has been with the organization since last season. "Now they're beyond the ABCs," Barry says, "and into the RSTUVs."

An in-shape Patty Mills (8) has filled an important backcourt role behind point guard Tony Parker.
Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Until then, the Spurs hold tight to however many minutes they have left, squeezing out every last dribble handoff. They glide through another spring, 10 of them in screen-setting synchronization, like basketball clockwork.

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