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Rockets guard James Harden says he is best basketball player alive

Rockets guard and USA Basketball team member James Harden says he is the best basketball player alive today.

Houston Rockets guard James Harden said he is the best basketball player in the world.

Harden said he hasn't reached his potential and is nowhere where he wants to be basketball-wise.

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Jackson : Bottom line, you are on this team and a lot of players aren’t, but in your mind, who is the best basketball player alive right now?

Harden: Myself.

Scoop: That’s what I was about to say, “including you.” You made that sound like it was an easy answer.

Harden: It is. Myself.

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Harden averaged 25.4 points, 6.1 assists and 4.7 rebounds a game last season, earning first-team All-NBA honors. He is also vying for a spot on the U.S. men's basketball team, which starts the FIBA World Cup in Spain at the end of the month.

- Scooby Axson