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Larry Sanders explains why he walked away from NBA

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Former Bucks center Larry Sanders explained why he decided to walk away from the NBA this season in a video published by the Players Tribune.

This week Milwaukee reportedly finalized its buyout of Sanders' contract and later announced that it was requesting waivers on Sanders.

In the video, Sanders says "I'm Larry Sanders. I'm a person, I'm a father, I'm a artist, I'm a writer, I'm a painter, I'm a musician, and sometimes I play basketball." Sanders said he entered into Rogers Memorial Hospital, in a program for anxiety, depression and mood disorders.

"It taught me a lot about myself," Sanders said. "It taught me a lot about what's important, and where I would want to devote my time and energy." Sanders said that he loves and will always be playing basketball, but that "for it to be consuming so much of my life and time right now, that's ... it's not there for me. That's not that worth it."

Sanders said that if he gets to a point where "I feel I'm capable of playing basketball again, I will." 

The NBA announced last month that Sanders was suspended without pay for a minimum of 10 games after violating the NBA/NBPA Anti-Drug Program. A report last month said that during the suspension Sanders intended to handle personal issues and learn to live without using marijuana.

"Cannabis came later on in my life," Sanders said in the video. "It was, for me, used medically for some of the symptoms that I was having due to, like, a lot of stress and pressure I was under given my work."

The Bucks signed Sanders to a four-year contract worth $44 million in 2013. Over 27 games this season, Sanders averaged 7.3 points, 6.1 rebounds and 1.4 blocks.

"I'm at a point where I'm excited about devoting my energy to these positive, positive things and people, and making a difference in this unseen world," Sanders said.