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Ex-player Shane Battier in favor of 60-game NBA season

Former NBA player Shane Battier said he thinks a 60-game season would be "immensely better" than the current 82-game length of the schedule.
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Former NBA player Shane Battier said at MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference that he thinks a 60-game season would make the game "immensely better" than it is under the current 82-game schedule​, according to NBC's ProBasketballTalk.

Battier said that from a competitive and a product standpoint, a smaller schedule would make each game have more meaning and result in better basketball. 

"Personally, I think a 60-game season would be perfect," Battier said. "Every game matters more. You can't sleepwalk through a few weeks of the season — it does happen — and then all of a sudden wake up near the All-Star break and turn it on. Fans just want to see the best basketball players in the world at their highest level going head-to-head."

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Last October, Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki said he would recommend regular-season schedules be cut from 82 games to "mid 60s." However he didn't think it was realistic for the near future. 

Battier said each team has "certain number of throwaway games," where you know going in that it's not your night and you will lose. 

Battier played 13 seasons in the league, retiring after last season. He is a two-time NBA champion. 

- Molly Geary