Cavaliers forward Kevin Love talked with SI Now on Tuesday to discuss being benched during critical stretches. 

By Extra Mustard
March 24, 2015

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love has spent time on the bench during critical stretches in recent Cavs games.

On Tuesday, Love went on SI Now to discuss how he feels he's fitting in with the team, and whether or not it has been frustrating to be off the court in recent late-game situations.

"It's all speculation. People are going to continue to talk and make news out of some stuff that isn't necessarily news at all," Love said.

"It's been tough but a lot of the times people fail to notice that a lot of times it's been matchups, whether we go with James Jones at the 4, LeBron at the 4, Justin Thompson playing small at the 5."

You can check out the full segment here

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