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Watch: David Blatt congratulates LeBron James, leaves him hanging

Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt congratulated LeBron James after his team's dominant performance in Game 4. Then he didn't quite follow through. 

Cavaliers coach David Blatt congratulated LeBron James in the waning seconds of his team's 118–88 blowout Game 4 win over the Atlanta Hawks that sent Cleveland to the NBA Finals. 

It was a heartfelt moment: He appeared to tell LeBron that he was proud of him, and that LeBron deserved the moment. But Blatt forgot one important step. 

James, ostensibly feeling the mutual love after Blatt's remarks, went in for the handshake right before he left for the tunnel, and Blatt left him hanging. 

When you congratulate a superstar, you simply cannot deny him dap. And deny dap David Blatt did.

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