NBA Week in Review: Derek Fisher's beard, Jefferson's last meal, more

Richard Jefferson's last meal, Derek Fisher's beard and Frank Kaminsky's tough start are all covered in the latest edition of the NBA Week in Review. 
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Welcome to the NBA Week in Review, a look back at the week’s best offerings on and off the court. Today, we have Frank Kaminsky struggling, Gordon Hayward’s boring tweets and Richard Jefferson’s last meal. Read last week’s review here.

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Game(s) of the Week

We have a few.

Honestly, how do you stop the Golden State Warriors? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a team with such an acute ability to demoralize opponents in my entire life. The Clippers are good! They had the league’s best offense last season! But Los Angeles continues to find ways to lose while Golden State’s small lineup continues to be one of the most destructive basketball units we’ve ever seen. While the Clips-Dubs rivalry is great, it’s quickly going the way of Heat vs. Pacers or Bulls vs. the mid-90s East in that, although the games are entertaining, it is hard to call it a rivalry if one team wins all the important games.

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We talk a lot about the Clippers and Warriors in this space. Let‘s throw some love to the Grizzlies-Thunder game, in which Mario Chalmers gave OKC some 2013 Finals flashbacks by pouring in 29 points for his new team. Memphis fans are getting their hopes up just in time for a seven-turnover game from Rio. Also from this week, the Nets won a home game over the Hawks, but if only six people saw it, does it count? I live in Brooklyn, and I’ve seen bigger crowds at the Caribbean bakery on my corner than at the Barclays Center.  

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Rookie Watch

Rookie watch returns this week as we put the spotlight on poor Frank Kaminsky, who is averaging less than four points and two rebounds per game in the first few weeks of his career. This wouldn’t be a huge deal if a) Charlotte didn’t turn down a God's ransom to select Kaminsky, b) the person picked right after him wasn’t playing extremely well and c) Kaminsky wasn’t victimized by a Kristaps Porzingis Diet Dream Shake on Tuesday. This rookie class has been very exciting so far, but we’re still waiting for Kaminsky’s moment. His broke dance moves don't count.

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Tweet(s) of the week

Hassan Whiteside, who recorded a Kanye-West-no-assist triple double this week, is still trying to get his NBA 2K rating up. 

Gordon Hayward almost had us. Since entering the league he’s bulked up, worked on his hair and even earned a max contract. But his Twitter account is extremely boring. What is this, man? He‘s out here tweeting stuff like #JazzRoadTrip and #GameNight. Hayward doesn’t even have a bio for his account—he’s literally nondescript. Gordon, you can do better. 

Favorite responses include: 3motional, The Birds and the Threes and Beyond The Arc (Of Your Love) Vol. I.

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Vine(s) of the Week

Rudy Gobert, taking an L.

She has no clue someone fouled out. 

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The Ben Golliver YouTube Corner

A reminder of who is destroying our world.

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The Fashion Spot

Here’s Iman Shumpert at last week’s Cavaliers-Knicks game. Really loved this look and all the outfits on the Cleveland side that night. Kevin Love rocked a sharp turtleneck. Tristan Thompson wore a slim leather jacket and a black hat to match. LeBron and Mo Williams, brothers in mustaches, both suited up after the win. The winner, however, was Iman. Shump’s layered look, mismatched splashes of color and tapered pants are all very in, as they say. 

Let’s look past Derek Fisher’s suit-and-tie situation here to show some appreciation for his beard. That is an authoritative look. The splash of grey in there is key. Fisher was playing not too long ago, but this beard makes him look wise beyond his years. 

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The One-Question Interview

Off the court only. Still longer than one question. This week, Cleveland Cavaliers veteran Richard Jefferson.

Rohan Nadkarni: Some people say this a little bit of a downer question, but what would your last meal be? You can pick a few things.

Richard Jefferson: Last meal. Oh, wow. I would probably get, oooh, this is a tough one. It takes some thought.

RN: Take your time.

RJ: I would probably have a carne asada burrito, then I would probably have a cajun ribeye from Morton’s. And then for dessert I would have a banana split. 

RN: Anything to drink?

RJ: Nah, just a Sprite.