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NBA Week in Review: Mark Cuban still mad, Klay Thompson on movies, more

Welcome to the NBA Week in Review, a look back at the week’s best offerings on and off the court. Today, we have a tale of two point guards, the All-Hair team and more.

Welcome to the NBA Week in Review, a look back at the week’s best offerings on and off the court. Today, we have a tale of two point guards, the All-Hair team and more. Read last week’s review here.

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Game of the Week

Let’s talk Clippers vs. Mavericks. Will Mark Cuban ever move on from DeAndre Jordan? One day Cuban is saying he doesn’t know who Jordan is, in the next he says he may reveal all the texts he has saved. Cubes, my man, we’ve all done some embarrassing things after suffering a little humiliation. But this DeAndre stuff has to stop. At this point, I’m convinced Cuban won’t let this go to cover up how he’s wasted the last few years of Dirk Nowitzki’s career and the risky Wes Matthews contract. 

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Rookie Watch

Pacers center Myles Turner is out for at least a month with a fractured hand. Turner is definitely best-known for his haircut, which he pulls off quite spectacularly. Without any further prompting, here’s my All-Hair team:

PG: Elfrid Payton
SG: Iman Shumpert
SF: Gordon Hayward
PF: Kenneth Faried
C: Lou Amundson

Reasons: Hayward puts in a lot of effort, and I respect that. Amundson gets in because he rocked the man bun before it became cool. Shumpert and Payton are obvious choices. Faried is helped by his “Manimal” moniker. 

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Tweet(s) of the Week

Who said this life was easy?

Steve Kerr keeps racking up the wins. 

Okay, fine, this was an impressive ethering. 

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Vine(s) of the Week

An NBA point guard with satellite:


​An NBA point guard with cable:

SI Recommends

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The Ben Golliver YouTube Corner

This week, a beautiful sendoff for Mario Chalmers.

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The Fashion Outlet

All of these jerseys are trash.

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The One-Question Interview

Off the court only. Often more than one question. This week, Warriors guard Klay Thompson.

Rohan Nadkarni:What was the last movie you’ve seen in theaters?

Klay Thompson: Man, Straight Outta Compton..?

RN:What’d you think?

KT: I thought it was a really good movie. Obviously it being real life, a real story, made it that much juicier. Everyone did their part. The actors were all convincing, great acting job, I was really impressed by all of them. The story was so good too.

RN:Do you have to sit in the back row at a movie theater? Or can you sit in the front but people get annoyed?

KT: I sit in the middle. Man, what are you—who sits in the front of a movie theater? Are you crazy?

RN:I’m just saying you’re really tall. Just wanted to make sure you help people out.

KT: I sit in the back. It’s a terrible seat to get in the front.